About us

   The Technical Committee on Psychological and Physiological Acoustics is one of the eight technical committees of the Acoustical Society of Japan.
   We are concerned with psychological and physiological responses to sound in humans and other animals including; Perception and perceptual organization of simple and complex sounds, Interaction of hearing with other sensory modalities, Spacial hearing, Anatomy and function of the auditory pathways, Hearing disorders, hearing loss, and auditory prostheses, Developmental, aging, learning and plasticity effects in auditory function, Theories and models of auditory processes.
   We are having about 10 research meetings every year. The meeting is open to anyone interested in psychology and physiology of hearing and acoustics, Non-member of the Acoustical Society of Japan are welcome to attend the meeting as an audience or contribute the meeting as a presenter.

Upcoming Research Meetings

Registration to the Research Meeting

  • Pre-registration and registration fee are not required.
  • The proceedings are available for JPY 1,000 or 2,000 on-site.
  • Call for papers is sent to the members of the Auris mailing list.

Guide for contributors

  • Check the meeting schedule and deadlines of a registration and paper submission.
  • Send an e-mail, including the title of your presentation, authors' names and affiliations, to the secretary of the committee.
  • The confirmation e-mail and author guidelines are sent from the secretary.
  • Prepare a proceeding manuscript within 6 pages.
  • Submit the manuscript in a PDF from to the the secretary on line by the deadline.
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  • All manuscripts should be prepared in either Japanese or English.
  • Note that the proceedings are printed by monochrome.
  • The fee for reprints is charged to the author; JPY 6,000 for 30 reprints of the submitted proceeding manuscript.

Proceedings of the Research Meeting

  • The proceedings of each meeting organized by the Technical Committee of Psychological and Physiological Acoustics (ISSN 1346-1109) can be purchased on site.
  • Annual subscription available for JPY 12,000.
  • For more information, contact the secretary.

Mailing list (auris ML)

   "Auris" mailing list provides opportunities to researchers share information about auditory research in Japanese. The members of the mailing list take advantage of this community to discuss topics concerning the auditory research and education and to announce various events. The committee distributes call for papers through the list. If interested, please check the Auris ML registration site (in Japanese).